Repotraffic tracks your GitHub repo traffic for any period of time.

Don't waste your time implementing another traffic stats fetcher.
No deployment, no upgrades and no other maintenance needed.


$19 / mo
  • 20 repos
  • Email support
Start a 15-day trial


$99 / mo
  • 150 repos
  • Priority support
Start a 15-day trial

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Currently tracking 1575 repos. Started in 2016.


Why does Repotraffic need write access to my public repo? 🤬

GitHub API requires push access to fetch traffic data:

For repositories that you have push access to, the traffic API provides access to the information provided in the graphs section.

To get access to traffic data of public repositories, Repotraffic asks GitHub only for public_repo scope. This scope grants both read and write access to public repos. Currently there's no way to change that. No fine-grained permissions. It's an irritating issue for apps like Repotraffic that do not need write access at all. This issue has been brought to GitHub many times. Here's a discussion on dear-github along with the list of other affected apps.

You can revoke public repo access for Repotraffic at any time on GitHub.

Why does Repotraffic even exist?

Because GitHub shows traffic to your repos only for the past 14 days. For some people it's not enough. burnash created this service to track his own opensource project gspread, and launched a beta version of Repotraffic in 2016.

How does it work?

1. Once you sign up, Repotraffic fetches traffic data of your N most starred repos via GitHub traffic API.

2. Every 14 days Repotraffic fetches new traffic data and stores it for you.

3. You get charts with continuous daily data. Sans 14 day limit.

Where is the data for the month before I signed up?

Repotraffic starts collecting the data only once you sign up. That would be for the previous 14 days. There's no known way to get the data before that point via GitHub API, so sign up early ;)

How to stop Repotraffic from fetching traffic data?

1. On GitHub go to your Personal Settings > Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps.

2. Find Repotraffic.

3. Select Revoke from and say goodbye.

Is it still free?

It's not. However, the beta version of Repotraffic was and still is available at no cost to the brave early adopters.